Welcome to the home of the Ohio State University Alumni Club of Athens County. We are a social organization whose primary goals are to foster a spirit of loyalty and fraternalism among graduates, students and fans, to recruit and support students and in general to promote the best interest of The Ohio State University. The local club is operated by a group of volunteers who serve on its Board of Directors as well as various committees.

In addition to hosting a Buckeye game watch location for all football games and many basketball games, we also actively sponsor projects like our Scholarship Fund which provides assistance to Athens Ohio residents who will be attending The Ohio State University.

We are led by a group of volunteers who serve on our Board of Directors and various committees! We hold Board of Directors elections before the first football game each year! More information will be provided as we get closer to that date. New volunteers are ALWAYS welcome! Please reach out if there is ANYTHING you are interested in doing with the Club!

Our goal is to provide a focal point for the club that helps Buckeyes in Athens Ohio communicate, congregate and celebrate!

Stay in touch with Buckeye Nation !